The Author

M. Erk Durgun


ONE: Invitation to Know is an original book, which is built on a multifaceted common heritage. It was brought into the world by M. Erk Durgun after twenty-five years of reflection and examination, and six years of dedicated work.
During his university years in the early 1990s, M. Erk Durgun set off on a quest to understand what the Universe is and how it works, and he began reading and studying systematically in line with this purpose. Between 1994 and 2006, he wrote papers on the workings of the Universe in the belief that the Universe is a flawless and consistent system. In 2006, he published “Geometric Generalization of the Structure of Nature” to introduce his findings. This work received very positive feedback, and he was repeatedly invited to present his work at various conferences and meetings.

Later on, in light of some new information he gained and thanks to various personal communication and correspondence, he inferred that major disciplines like philosophy, physics, astrophysics, biology, neuroscience, and psychology can be unified in a single system. Then he started penning ONE in early 2010 in order to make the Universe understood as a whole by everyone in every way.

Through this writing process, he was more and more fascinated by the brilliance of the Universe, and realized that understanding it is—first of all—about discovering who we truly are. As a result of this enthusiasm, ONE came into being and was published in November 2016, thanks to the valuable contributions of those who joined this process afterward.

M. Erk Durgun believes that the reality is perfectly clear and understandable, and invites everyone to get to know the Universe and our special place within it.